In Memory of John Dominis

Jun 27, 1921 – Dec 30, 2013

In Memory of John Dominis

Jun 27, 1921–
Dec 30, 2013

John Dominis

He Left Us the Moment

He lived in the moment
He stayed in the moment
He captured the moment
He foresaw the moment
And created the moment
A moment of passion
From his pure heart
Without a moment’s regret

      — Evelyn Floret

When John Passed Away

We wept
The wind swept terrace
Rained snowy tears
In pain
Of never again

Leel burdened
By the drift
I understand
What you feel
Is unreal

at our
I remain
My soul mate
Has flown

— Evelyn Floret


What I need is
To touch John’s hand
Stroke his creamy skin
Feel the curl of his hair
Hear his soft voice
Call me Ev
See his hazel eyes
focus on me tenderly
Watch a smile light up his face

Then I could be fulfilled
at the sight
Of his beauty that
Captures, enraptures
my being

For now I mourn in the silence
Of night and day.
My sculptures shrouded in grief
Share this sadness of belief
That he is away
Beyond the day and life of touch
He floats in clouds
In a vast universe
Protects from near and far
All the feelings that are
My eternal love for him

      — Evelyn Floret

John Dominis and Evelyn Floret mandala illustration