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Evelyn Floret, sculptorEvelyn Floret is a Manhattan artist who has been sculpting since 1995. Born in France and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, she retains dual United States and French citizenship and lives just a block from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis. A distinguished editorial photographer, her work has been published extensively in People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and Avenue magazines. Listed on the People magazine masthead for two decades, she served as a contributing photographer.

As a sculptor she models the figure from life in clay and casts her pieces in bronze. In the summer of 1996 she carved in marble in Pietrasanta, Italy. She holds the Gold Medal of Honor for Sculpture from the Audubon Artists 61st Annual Exhibition 2003. She studied with Anthony Antonios at the National Academy School of Fine Arts. Among the many awards she received at the academy are the Ralph Weiler Awards, the Helen Smith Prize for Distinction in Sculpture and the Edward Mooney Traveling Scholarship Prize. The latter resulted in a trip to France to study the works of sculptors Wlerick, Despiau, Bourdelle and Maillol in Paris and Mont-de-Marsan. Her lecture, which is based on this study and features photographs by Life Magazine photographer John Dominis, was presented to the students, faculty and public at the National Academy School in April of 2007. She delivered a lecture movie at the National Academy School in January of 2011 showing how to “Promote Artwork Through Digital Media.”

Her work has been shown in Manhattan at the Hubert Gallery and the Cork Gallery and in Bridgehampton, Long Island, at the Sundance Gallery.


Full-figure bronze sculpture by Evelyn Floret, on the artist’s NYC terrace in the rain.




Thanksgiving Sky

Sunset over NY SkylineThe sun
unaware of man’s turmoil
Of Paris, Brussels, Mali
Penetrates sky
Flaunts brilliance
Spreads joyful colors
The end of day
Before night turns black
As the world prays
For tomorrow
And mourns
As I mourn
with sorrow
John’s passing.

Evelyn Floret
Nov. 22, 2015


Met Museums’ Fountains of Inspiration

Now that the plaza of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been enhanced, I do enjoy the beauty of the new fountains. Having lived just a half a block from the Met museum since 1969, it’s been a part of my life through all if its transformations and expansions. So, it is only fitting that I pay homage to the artful scene and poetic fountain display.

John and I belonged to the  Metropolitan Museum for decades.  It was where we spent many happy hours, attended many shows, viewed a lot of art at our leisure over the years in the halls, took an art class through Parsons, attended many concerts in the auditorium and the Temple of Dendur, and had cocktails on weekends at the Grand Hall Balcony while listening to live chamber music. We dined on light snacks in the cafeteria before it was the transformed into the Roman Sculpture Court, had lunches at the Petrie Court Cafe, and enjoyed luxurious dinners in the Member’s Dining room overlooking Central Park. John and I also passed the museum for our runs and walks around the Central Park Reservoir at first through the 79th Street path on the south side, past the cherry trees in the back of the Museum and in later years from the current apartment past the front of the Museum along the North side, up the hill to the reservoir.

The museum, in its beauty and meaning as part of our lives, is a living memory to relish and on which to reflect. You might say that we have had more than a nodding relationship with our grand neighbor.

So attracted was I to the Met Museum that I  chose to photograph the Pointer Sisters years ago, on assignment for People Magazine, in front of the Met’s South glass wall.


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In Memory of John Dominis. June 27, 1921 – December 30, 2013

John DominisHe Left Us the Moment

He lived in the moment
He stayed in the moment
He captured the moment
He foresaw the moment
– And created the moment
– A moment of passion
From his pure heart
Without a moment’s regret.

Evelyn Floret



Sculpture by Evelyn Floret on her snow-filled roof terrace Sculpture by Evelyn Floret on her snow-filled roof terrace Sculpture by Evelyn Floret on her snow-filled roof terrace

What I need is
To touch John’s hand
Stroke his creamy skin
Feel the curl of his hair
Hear his soft voice
Call me Ev
See his hazel eyes
focus on me tenderly
Watch a smile light up his face

Then I could be fulfilled
at the sight
Of his beauty that
Captures, enraptures
my being

For now I mourn in the silence
Of night and day.
My sculptures shrouded in grief
Share this sadness of belief
That he is away
Beyond the day and life of touch
He floats in clouds
In a vast universe
Protects from near and far
All the feelings that are
My eternal love for him

Catherine bronze sculpture in snow by Evelyn Floret Leel bronze sculpture in snow by Evelyn Floret

When John Passed Away

We wept

The wind swept terrace
Rained snowy tears
In pain
Of never again

Leel burdened
By the drift
I understand
What you feel
Is unreal

at our
I remain
My soul mate
has flown.

Terrace full of plants and sculpture by Evelyn Floret Terrace with Leelsculpture by Evelyn Floret and plants Terrace with cloud in blue sky

The Cloud

My terrace is stripped
Gripped by white brick

Gone is green
Serene scene
Leel’s  pedestal
Dethroned to home

But universe remains
Clouds sustain
My view anew

Autumn on my terrace 2010

Autumn on my terrace 2010

Today the Japanese maple may be at it’s peak. I’ll see if there’s more to come tomorrow. This peak would suit me fine. Here I am in New York enjoying nature with the changing seasons. I’m so close to the tree outside my living room that it’s as satisfying as a mountain of trees.

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Snowstorm in New York

I live in Manhattan and we got 21 inches of snow this week. I’ll be posting photos of my art, covered with snow, on my apartment terrace.

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